Top 10 Things to do in Banff!


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Things to do

Sulphur Mountain

A mountain filled with greenery and a view that makes you want to go to the top.The 2, 451 meters tall mountain is ready for you to climb!

A small ride that hangs on a wire to enjoy the view.Sit back and enjoy the viw of all the mountains!
Lake Moraine

Beutiful mountains and water that shows the reflection of the trees.Sit and watch the beautiful sun rise!
Lake Louise

Mountains full of snow and trees galore!Walk on the trail and try to reach the end.
White-Water Rafting

Water and the beutiful sceenery of nature.Have fun and go through all kinds of levels of rafting in the water. Experience the water splashing in your face!
Hot Springs

A springs that provides natural warm water for you to dip your feet in.Lay back and enjoy the warm water. Relax all your muscles and sink into the springs.
Bow Falls

A large water fall that is asthetically pleasing to all eyes.Enjoy the view!
Skiing and Snow Boarding

Mountains to ski and snow boardEnjoy family time skiing and snow boarding!
Rocky Mountains

Mountains that have all types of images on them.Look up at the mountains and capture the moment.
Bow Valley

Horses, and a beutiful view.horses are waiting for you to ride them.